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How ChargeBuddy Works

At ChargeBuddy we think it should be simple to find a charger for your vehicle and we created the ChargeBuddy App with that in mind. You tell us where and when you need a charge, then pick from the available ChargeBuddy hosts in the area. There is no guessing on price and speed, we let you know in advance how long it will take to charge your vehicle and how much it will cost. And just like that you will be back at 100% in no time!

Guarenteed Spot Availability

No more arriving at a spot to find the charger taken, inaccessible, or broken!

Upfront Pricing

No more surprise garage fees or overpriced charges!

Flexible Scheduling

Set your own hours, relax, and earn passive income as a host!

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Earn tips and get paid fast with Quickpay when you host!

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